Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's the final count down

It seems odd to me to start a blog when I am about to have a baby any day now, but I guess now is as good a time as any. First let me say that I am not a blogger. I pride myself on my "aloofness", but constantly find myself getting sucked into these internet things by friends and family. This is also the reason I have a myspace. However, they do have some value in that they allow us to stay connected during those times when we don't have time to make a phone call, send a quick email or, as a last resort, send a "snail mail" card.

I am 38 weeks pregnant and my due date is October 10th. I know that only 5% of babies are actually born on their due dates (although more common now with the option of C-sections and inducing), but I would love for him to be born on 10.10.08. My birthday is 2.2. and my mom's is 11.11. so it would be a cool thing for all of us to share that same month/same date birthday thing. I also like the idea of 10.9.08. I have a thing with numbers ;) If he doesn't come out on his own by then, I will be induced on the 10th.

The nursery has been ready for weeks. I have even put together the stroller, swing, and stocked the diaper stacker with the cutest newborn diapers. They're cute to me now, but I know I won't always feel that way about them. I had a shopping list of things to get for my hospital stay and now with that list finished all I need to do is have the baby.

I have gone though this pregnancy with 3 friends of mine and 2 of them had their daughters in the past week. Holding a newborn is so amazing and surreal it makes having my own a little scary. When people ask me if I'm ready I respond with,"Of course. I mean, as ready as I can be for the biggest event of my life." I still have one friend who is 5 weeks behind me and my older sister, Kate, is due in March. I couldn't be more excited for her.

At this point I am getting the house put together and enjoying these last weeks of taking it easy. I still teach a few yoga classes a week and have enjoyed interacting with my students throughout this process. They have been so lovely and supportive. I have lost some interest in watching TV and am officially back into reading. I think that reading has helped me get onto a more normal sleep schedule because I read in bed so I fall asleep when I'm tired not when the show is over.

I have been so lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy. I didn't have any morning sickness, I ran up until my 8th month, I still work out (though much less and low intensity) and continue with my yoga practice. I know that life as I know it now is about to change, but I think it will make everything so much more meaningful. I can already tell that it will bring me closer to my parents and siblings which has been such a comfort. I think it will strengthen the bond I have with my husband as we share this experience together. I am so excited to meet my son and begin this new adventure as a bigger family of three.


Super Kate said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so glad you joined forces. Since I am not there to see your precious face and your new baby's precious face all the time, I can't tell you how nice it is to see the goings on around blogger world. You will get hooked I promise and it is fun.

yo nance said...

I'm with Katy...so glad you are an official blogger! And you even know how to add photos...love, love, love your first one...so beautiful! I was going to have Katy try to teach me by phone how to add photos...now I can just have you do it. I really look forward to all the new baby photos, even if I am in town.

Kim said...

Lovely first post Annie.
I blog, too, under my professional name at www.katemclaughlin.net
The written word is such a powervul tool. You use it well!

Kim said...

Ok, how unfair is it that you look like that being 8 months pregnant. You look beautiful! Best of luck with the delivery and hope you enjoy motherhood. Can't wait to see photos of our newest little cousin.

Lots of love!
Kim (your southern cousin)

Elizabeth Larson said...

Hey Annie! Your converting to the dark side for sure by getting a blog! HA! They're real fun and a great way for your family and friends to see updates. Anyhow, you look great pregnant! Congrats on the little one coming, it will be great! Take care.

Jaush and Amy said...

How exciting! I always got an update from your mom when I would see her around the building or from Brian and Jane. You will love motherhood and all the joys (and sorrows) that come with it. You look beautiful! Have fun!

Brew Crew said...

My Dear Sweet Annie,

I fell in love with you when you were in 7th grade and you were friends with my Brandi and my Jaush's girlfriend. Then I loved you even more when you were one of my young women. As I look at the beautiful woman you are today, I am reminded of all that we shared years and years ago. You my dear sweet Annie girl are still in my thoughts. I will add you to my blog page. Keep it updated. And good luck with the baby.