Sunday, April 15, 2012

Devon: March

My sister said it best ... there is a magic that happens when cousins play together.

We got a special treat this past month when my sister, Katy, and her darling daughter, Charlie Belle, came to visit from Alaska for nearly 6 weeks. It took a while for these little kids to find their stride, but they became sweet little friends sharing Popsicles on the porch, playing at grandma's house and having adventures all over town. Charlie Belle is very easy going and chill so she and Devon were super cute to watch. This is Charlie Belle, Sadie (another cousin) with Devon eating Eegees. I couldn't get a picture that Sadie wasn't making this face in. Lol

Devon still insists on being called a different animal, TV character, person he knows or thing he makes up. This one nearly pushed me over the edge. He is Pooh bear, pretending to be Tangled (Eugene Fitzherbert from Tangled, hence, the pan). It's cute except when he gets busted and I yell,"Devon!!!" and he calmly responds with,"Mom, I'm not Devon I'm a robot."

Devon loves his daddy. Man oh MAN does he love his daddy. He just loves to be around him. Kid has good taste. He is practicing choking him out in full guard.

He has fully embraced the functionality of overalls and loves to wear them because they have so many pockets to store all of his treasures. He always asks me if he looks adorable when he wears them.

Devon loves to eat waffles, anything with ketchup, Vietnamese food, noodles, jello and jelly beans. He loves to learn new yoga poses from mom and fight moves from dad. He's such a smart and sweet kid I love being his mama.

Audrey: March (20 months)

Audrey is getting better and better with learning new words every day. It's pretty remarkable. One morning I was changing her in my bedroom. Joe walked into to her line of sight, pointed to him and said,"Daddy! Cuuuuuuuute." Can't argue with her there. My favorites right now are azzip (yep, pizza spelled backwards), help you (which really means, help me), bankie, night (good night) and YOU (love you). She is starting to ask for crackers, bacon every morning with her milk and loves rice cakes.

Audrey still takes naps mid day and goes to bed pretty well at night. I read a few books to her, just her and I, and she will fuss for a few minutes after I put her down, but reading to her has really helped. She loves to read Corduroy, Elmo, Blues Clues and touch and feel books.

This little sweetie is going to break some serious hearts with that tiny dimple of hers. She is so thrilled with herself when she accomplishes something all by herself and loves to play with the bigger kids.

This is her funny face. How she manages such a serious, funny face I don't know. It's a gift.

I love my one on one time with Audrey when Joe takes Devon out for guy time. She is so happy and silly and loves to play peek a boo behind the drapes. She is not very snugly (let me just wipe away this tear), but she gives out kisses and hugs, fist bumps, high fives and when she does snuggle up with you, it is that much more special