Sunday, May 31, 2009

8 months: Devon (May)

8 months wow. Every month I say it and every month it is so true ... he is so big! I keep hoping he will just stay my little baby and I'm sure in some way he always will be, but his little body is growing and his little brain is learning like crazy. He has been doing lots of fun, new things over the past month. I do recognize that the things I am about to list are somewhat trivial, but when it is a baby (your first born especially) it is amazing what milestones they become.

He is definately "talking" a lot and every day I hear "mama" and "dada" my sentimental heart flutters and wishes that he knew what he was saying. I don't count that as his first word since he has no clue what it means, but I have been pointing to myself and Joe when he says it so he will catch on one of these days. He loves to click his tongue and just this week has started doing the most HILARIOUS thing ... blowing spit bubbles by opening his mouth wide and blowing actual bubbles. He concentrates so hard ;) He can definately sit up on his own now, but I still stay close just in case he tips over. He is getting himself up on his hands and knees and should be crawling soon, but at this point manages to push himself backward. He is able to cover a lot of ground rolling and pivoting so I don't think he is in a hurry to crawl since it is a lot more work for him with a similar result. Some kids go from rolling to walking anyway so we'll see what happens. He also seems to finally discovered the cats and watches them intently and smiles when they pass by. Someday he will pull their tails ... I feel bad for them already ;) They were my first babies afterall.

I have also started a definate bed time routine. I am amazed how easily and quickly he goes to sleep without the need to be rocked or bounced around, but I figure a routine is good anyway. We now do dinner, bath, bottle, and books. If he doesn't pass out by books we play a little, but usually he doesn't make it that far. There is a library about a half mile from my house so this past week we checked out some baby books. I don't want his over due charges under my name so he has his own card with his own pin code and everything. Truthfully, I thought it was a little silly, but apparantly people do it all the time. We moms are funny that way I guess. I just think it will be cute that someday his checkout history will read: The playful kitten, peek-a-boo and The catcher in the rye.

I also set up the electric keyboard. Joe initially put Devon on his lap and let him pound away at the keys, but I put it down on the floor and when he rolls over to it I turn in on and set it on "drum kit" so he gets cymbols, clapping, a voice that counts to 5and drums. Hilarity ensues.

I have a youtube video and I posted it on facebook, but I can't remember how to post it on my video bar. Anyone? Anyone?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mama's first Mother's Day

The day started early, as it always does, so I got up with Devon and he made me pancakes for breakfast. He also made me a card which means that Joe gave him a marker and let him color for 30 seconds and then Devon crumpled it up before putting it in his mouth. It was pretty cute.

Joe and I had very different exposure to holidays growing up so I wasn't sure what my first Mother's Day would mean to him. I was sort of expecting a pat on the back and a foot rub (which would have been just fine), but he was really sweet about the whole thing. He got me a box of Fruit Loops (one of my top 3 favorite cereals) since making breakfast isn't his forte he wanted to make sure that I had something yummy. He mentioned that he got me a gift and when I told him that he didn't need to get me anything he said, "It's not about getting you a gift, it's about showing appreciation for all that you do and for being a good mama." I think that is why we don't really get into Christmas. Gifts for gifts sake. We love birthdays and our anniversary and now Mother's/Father's Day because there is a real sense of celebration for the other person.

Anyway, Joe gave me a camera of my very own and I am SO excited to use it beacause it is a real camera. I had a wind up one when I was a kid, but this is my first grown up camera that fits perfectly in my purse. I think that my Mom is more excited than I am because it is the same one that she has so I get to teach her how to use it so she doesn't have to read the manual. You're welcome in advance Mom. Anyway the camera is AWESOME because it takes amazing pictures and great video like this ....

Devon took his morning nap until 12:30 which meant that we wouldn't be able to get over to my Mom's since she had already left for church. We did go over the following day and had a great visit. Devon was hilarious and Mom, Dad & I got to chat while Mom and I ate homemade mini cinnamon rolls. (Dad is on a diet and doing great. Go Pop!) However, Martha invited us over for a light lunch so we went for an hour or so. I had to get back home by 3:00 because I had to teach my 2 yoga classes that day. The class is called Yoga Hour. It's like happy hour .... same great class, but only an hour and at a special $4 price. It's mostly college students, but I do have some couples that come regularly and a few, very dedicated students who never miss a week. I am supposed to have a "word/pose of the day" to make the experience more meaningful. My word was "devotion". All the music I played was about mamas, babies, love and a John Denver song ("Annie's song" of course) thrown in as a tribute since my Mom was notoriously in love with him. When I got home from teaching Joe had cleaned the house, did the dishes and did 2 loads of laundry! Amazing and so helpful. He had to put Devon in an Ergo baby carrier (like a backpack that you can wear on the front or back) in order to be "hands free" while caring for the baby and I would have LOVED to see that. He is such a good sport. Ever since we were teenagers he has always been so thoughtful to make sure that he gives me something really heartfelt and genuine. What a great first Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Mom .... thank you for

- teaching me to make a pie.

- getting up extra early to make me breakfast before school.
- packing snacks for movies and road trips.

- baking me an entire batch of my favorite cookies on my first day of school.
- teaching me to crochet.
- teaching me that toothbrushes are for cleaning the baseboards and that a toilet isn't really clean unless you use a pumice.
- making Christmas magical .... highly over done, but magical ;)
- buying 5 of everything at yard sales so each of us could have a bundt pan, yogurt maker, rice cooker, muffin tin, juicer, electric skillet, and books.

- taking me to get my permit when I was exactly 15 1/2 and my license on my 16th birthday.
- having a lasting marriage and creating a stable home.

- all the "old lady" things you do like square dance, clog, crochet and writing down directions of how to "cut & paste".

- putting my hair in braids, twists, buns and curlers for my enitre childhood.
- teaching by example that being a stay at home Mom is important.

- all the crap you forward me.
- changing all my diapers and getting up with me in the middle of the night.

- doing my dolls' hair time after time after time.
- the holiday packages that you put together full of St. Patrick's Day towels, Valentine's Day candy hearts and Easter candy.

- making all the desserts for my wedding and baby shower.
- driving me to soccer practice, orthodontist appointments, Saturday games, ballet, jazz, tap, tennis, tennis matches, art class, school when I missed the bus (which was often), dances, birthday parties, trips to the mall, sleep overs and more!
- not getting mad it me when I accidently threw the car keys on the roof of a 3 story hotel when we were in Mexico.

- giving me recipes over the phone any time I call.
- crocheting Devon a blanket.

- making the nurses dig my tattered blanket (that they thought was a rag) out of the garbage when I broke my leg.
- thank you for all that you sacrificed to give me such a great childhood and all the things you did that went unnoticed.

I love you Mama