Friday, July 30, 2010

22 months: Devon (July)

Does this look like a Gap add, or what? Beautiful boy.

Since 4th of July fireworks took place close to 10:00 pm Devon did not get to see any this year and neither did Joe and I. Joe fell asleep around 9:00 and I was too embedded in the couch to get up and look out the window when I heard them going off. We're not terribly into holidays so it's not a big deal for us. When Devon gets a bit older we will definitely make the effort to make sure he gets to experience these things, but for now it's bedtime at 7:30 ;)

He had a great time with "Gamma" and "Papa" picking "tatoes" from their garden and eating them right off the vine.

I am continually amazed at how lucky I am to have such a great little guy. He is just the coolest little kid. He is easy going, sweet, affectionate, gentle and on and on. Gushing mama over here! It feels like I tell him 100 times a day that I love him and that he is such a good boy. We have been enjoying having friends over for play dates and going to more play dates which I'm sure I enjoy more than he does. He isn't into playing much at all so he sits on my lap and watches the other kids play, but it least he gets to see new things, we get out of the house and to be around all different kinds of kids. He eventually warms up the the idea of new toys and will venture away from me, but soon wants to be picked up. I have yet to find a kid with his same temperament that he will actively play with, but I like to see him interact with outgoing kids so he sees that it's fun! I have had a few moms tell me that they thought their kid was calm ... until they met Devon ;)

He loves Popsicles, mini marsh mellows, apples, miso soup, graham crackers (which he calls cookies) and broccoli. He ASKS for broccoli. It seems that his appetite is coming back which has been such a relief to me. He has been napping longer lately as well (3-4 hours) and I had to wake him up twice in one week because he was pushing the 5 hour mark. I guess he is going through a growth spurt and needs all those calories and all that rest. He is getting 3 teeth right now so a lot is going on in that little body!

He still loves to take baths, but he is a boy through and through and (sigh) has discovered that farting in the tub is hysterical. He just laughs and laughs and calls it "burping". He also giggles uncontrollably when you pretend to throw up or fake sneeze and your hair flies everywhere. He does say,"Skew me." (excuse me) so at least there's that. You really can't help but laugh right along with him which only, predictably, spurs him to do it more and more. He and his Daddy love to wrestle, practice Ju Jitsu, punching, balancing and kicking. Devon loves this kind of attention and I think it is about his favorite part of the day when he gets to clobber his Dad right before bed.

It is too hot to go to the park right now, but a few nights a week after dinner I take him into the backyard, give him the hose and he gets to water the plants. He mostly waters weeds and rocks, but he thinks he's helping so he has fun with it. He still loves to collect rocks and watches the lizards and bunnies that pass through the back yard. We have been having an amazing nightly congregation of Palo Verde Beetles on our back porch. These beetles are all black and I've seen them get up to 6 inches long ... so gross. Anyway, we have been seeing 4-5 a night which is a TON. There was one that was still lingering on the porch in the morning and when Joe showed it to Devon he said,"Pretty. Hug! Hug!"

I have been trying to talk to Devon about the baby in my belly. I will point to my belly, say the baby's name, or say baby and talk about him being a big brother who is going to get a sister, etc. I think it's pretty sweet especially because often he will say her name and pat my belly on his own. Joe keeps telling me that this will backfire on me and in a way it sort of has because he will point to Joe's belly (which is 6-pack flat) and say the baby's name. He also did this to the babysitter which HORRIFIED her since she just lost a bunch of weight. It sort of feels like he thinks a belly is called a baby. I have backed off the whole baby-in-the-belly thing and I just tell him that the baby will be tiny, they will get to play together, share toys, etc. He still doesn't really get it, but it's all I can do until he meets her.

It was a sad day at our house a few days ago when Joe and I were reading books to Devon. I pointed to a horse and Devon said,"Horse." I know that may not sound like something to be sad over, but it's sad because he usually says "hoice" (like voice with an h) and he is slowly giving up some of those cute, baby versions of words that we love so much. I told Joe that we need to cling-for-dear-life onto "wonkey" (monkey)because it's all we've got left ;) He is slowly starting to do a few 3-word phrases, but we understand him perfectly well with his 2-word phrases right now. It's amazing how good his language skills have gotten over the past few months. He doesn't talk much when other people are around, but he talks (seemingly nonstop ;) when he is at home.

He has a new interest in Egypt and Egyptian art. No joke. I have an art guide book from the Met museum and he will flip right to the Egyptian statues every time. We even tivoed a show on Egypt and the pyramids and he watched, fascinated for about 30 minutes. He still loves books and will even look through our old college text books and point out brains and body parts. This kid loves books and reading!

This morning when Devon woke up I heard him calling me,"Mommy! Mama! Mommy! Mommy! Mom! Mom!" It was pretty funny. It was like he was trying to figure out which name would get me to go up there and get him out of bed. I was about to give in and go get him until I heard him switch gears and he said,"Daddy!Daddy! (long pause) Honey! Honey!" I call Joe honey so we both got a good laugh at Devon calling his Daddy "honey".

Monday, July 26, 2010

38 weeks ... sigh

I had another doctor's appointment today and I am 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. (Last week I was 1.5 cm and 60% effaced so not much difference). My doctor looked at me and said,"I think it will be this week." I looked back at her and smiled while thinking to myself,"That's what you said LAST week." She "ruptured the membranes" so hopefully that will help to put things in motion. I thought I would be a little farther along since I have been having some pelvic pain. I was feeling really good this past Friday when I went to the gym and I ran nearly 2 miles. I think the pelvic pain was from that ;) She also told me to walk around and have lots of sex ... thanks doc!

Even though I wanted to believe my doctor about going into labor last week I am feeling more optimistic this week. I just can't imagine that my body would BETRAY me and make me go all the way to 40 weeks. No, I'm kidding ;) That just sounds crazy though. 40 weeks? Nutty. I have decided that if I am still pregnant by next Monday and feeling OK then I will just wait and see if I go into labor naturally. I don't want to go past the due date, but I think if I can handle it I will at least go to the end.

I don't know if I would call it a "confession" ... maybe "setting the record straight" about something that totally doesn't matter, but it's something that I have been referencing during this pregnancy. I have been saying all this time that Devon was 2.5 weeks early because in my mind that's what I remember. I started thinking about it and he was really only 12 days early. I know it's not a big difference in time, but it is a difference just the same. I only wanted to clarify this because I thought this baby would be early because Devon was. If she does arrive this week it would be the same as Devon.

I am just trying to stay positive and take it easy though Joe is constantly telling me that I'm doing too much. I am desperately trying to keep the house clean and organizing when I feel up to it. I don't want to be headed off to the hospital and leave the house a disaster. That really will raise my stress level as weird as that sounds. Whenever Joe and I would travel I would be up until 2 in the morning the night before we leave dusting and cleaning bathrooms because I don't like coming home to a dirty house. It's the same at night, too. I have to pick everything up, empty the dishwasher, empty the sink and put away the laundry before I can rest. I don't know where this compulsion comes from, but I hope to pass it on to my children ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

37 weeks

I am officially full term!!! I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I am 1.5 cm dilated and 60% effaced. As my doctor put it,"Your cervix is ready to go!" Kind of a graphic way to say,"You could go into labor at any time now," but I will forgive her because I am so excited! She said that based on the progress my body has made since last week there is a good chance that the baby could arrive this week. Even if that doesn't happen it's fine because I feel so good now that I have come this far. I was amazed at the relief I felt when she told me that the baby could be coming soon. Last week I had a rough few days being pregnant and I was just at the end of my rope. Everything was uncomfortable, I was exhausted, I haven't been sleeping well, I was having tons of contractions, but no real labor ... I was having such a hard time making it through the day. I am 100% different this week and the weight has been lifted! I'm still carrying around 30 pounds of baby weight (I officially hit 30 .... uhhh), but mentally I am ready to go into labor.

IF the baby doesn't arrive in the next 2 weeks I will be induced on August 3rd. My doctor will be out of town at that time, but the OBGYN who delivered HER babies will be delivering mine. I don't really want to be induced since I'd prefer to not wait 2 more weeks, but even induction has an upside. I will get to be prepared and plan and make arrangements for Devon and know when the whole process is going to start as opposed to having my water break while I'm on the treadmill at the gym. My water broke with Devon, but 12 hours later I wasn't having contractions so I was given Pitocin with him, too. It was intense, but I didn't have a difficult time with it so I'm fine if I have to be induced this time around as well.

My hospital bag is packed, I got a pedicure and my hair done so I am ready now ;) I think today is a good day to have a baby so think "going into labor thoughts" for me and let's get this going!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I was sitting with Devon in his room yesterday afternoon and we were reading books. Normally he sits on my lap, but was instead sitting next to me. He was really into the book he was reading and without looking at me he reached over, pat me on the knee and said,"Mama. Pretty."

Later that same day I was doing our typical night time routine. We look out each window in his room and look for the moon to wave goodnight to it. If we don't see it we say goodnight to whatever is outside the window, close the blinds and he says,"See yader." (see you later). After that I lay him down, stroke his hair and talk about all the things we did that day. My hair was hanging down low enough for him to touch and he was running his fingers through it and said,"Mama. Pretty. Hairs." He pluralizes most things these days so "hairs" was not a type-o.

I think what made this especially sweet for me was that yesterday was a pretty rough day. I was emotionally and physically drained by the time it was over. I was having contractions all day and some cramping by the end of it, probably from over exerting myself and not being able to rest. Devon took a super short nap so neither of us got to recharge. By the afternoon I decided that I was too tired to leave the house and since Joe would be working late I also decided that it was a no-make-up-not-doing-my-hair-day. I felt like a total lazy, exhausted, mess of a Mom that I try so hard to avoid being and my sweet little Devon told me on that particular day that I was pretty. I'm sure he probably doesn't totally know what he's saying, but it was nice to hear just the same.

Friday, July 9, 2010

36 weeks

I am getting so close to the end it's crazy!!! I keep telling myself that I get to be induced a week early so I can hang in there for 3 more weeks, but I think if I get to that point and I am doing OK I may just wait and let her come out on her own. I have good days and bad days and at least once a day I PLEAD for my water to break at that moment! Usually first thing in the morning when I'm showered, dressed and well rested ;)Other times I get teary eyed thinking of her being safe in my belly and just wanting to keep her there to feel her kick and keep her all to myself! I highly doubt I will go all the way til the end, though. I just feel like she is getting big, she's head down and I am starting to feel lots of pressure on my belly. I am getting painful kicks to the ribs and every time that happens or if I get a cramp I think I'm going into labor. Needless to say, we are a little jumpy around here ;)

I wouldn't describe myself as a a nervous person. I'm pretty calm and think that I handle crisis with a relatively level head, but I don't want to go through labor again! I mean, who does really, but seriously it's a pretty life changing experience that is truly intense. I think that women are really lucky to be able to have the experience of being pregnant and giving birth and getting to make PEOPLE inside our bodies! Amazing!!! Men miss out on those first kicks that only we get to feel and we get to take care of them 9 months before anyone else does. Everything we do, eat, drink and feel is for them during that time. Even though it was a really hard thing to go through and heal from, being able to push the baby out (and not via a C-section) was pretty surreal. I think the whole process epitomizes the sacrifices that we willingly make for our children and would do again and again just to have them with us. Not looking forward to labor, but I am looking forward to her little face.

I go to see my doctor every week now and as of today I am 1 cm dilated and 40% effaced. Not that that means anything really because I could stay that way for weeks, but it's something.

Recipe: Egg rolls

I remember making egg rolls as a kid and this totally brought back memories. They are a little labor intensive, but if you have the time it's super easy. Even better if you have kids (or a willing husband)that are old enough to help. The best part (for me) is that the stuffing is relatively quick to put together, but you can cook it ahead of time, let it cool then assemble the stuffing right before you cook them. The stuffing is also great to freeze for later.

2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 teaspoons Asian sesame oil
2 teaspoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
About 4 cups peanut or vegetable oil
2 teaspoons finely chopped peeled fresh ginger
2 teaspoons finely chopped garlic
1 1/2 bunches scallions (about 10), white and pale green parts cut into 2-inch lengths, then cut lengthwise into very thin matchsticks (2 1/2 cups)
2 celery ribs, cut into very thin matchsticks (2 cups)
2 medium carrots, cut into very thin matchsticks (1 cup)
8 large fresh shiitake mushrooms, stems discarded and caps sliced 1/4 inch thick (3 cups)
1 lb medium shrimp in shell (31 to 35 per lb), peeled, deveined, and coarsely chopped *I don't eat shrimp so I left this out entirely.*
1/4 lb Chinese roast pork (char siu) or leftover roast pork, cut into 2-inch lengths, then cut lengthwise into very thin matchsticks *I SO didn't want to deal with a Chinese roast pork. I wanted to see if I could make these with stuff I could get at the grocery store and make it taste good so I used ground pork and they were great. If I had the time I could always go to an Asian market for the pork and these would be that much better. Next time I will try that. I used a pound of pork and that totally soaked up all the sauce so I would probably double the sauce.*
1 (1-lb) package Asian egg roll or spring roll wrappers *These are usually sold in the produce aisle. I used the small ones (3x3 I think), but I the recipe uses larger ones that can be rolled into actual rolls. I think the triangles are easier.*
1 large egg, lightly beaten

*I also added bean sprouts.*

Stir together oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, and salt in a small bowl until sugar and salt are dissolved.

Heat a dry 12-inch heavy skillet (not nonstick) over moderately high heat until hot but not smoking, then add 2 tablespoons peanut oil, swirling skillet to coat. Stir-fry ginger, garlic, and scallions until scallions are wilted, about 1 minute. Add celery, carrots, and mushrooms and stir-fry until vegetables are softened, 4 to 6 minutes. Push vegetables toward edge of skillet, then add shrimp to center and stir-fry until shrimp are just cooked through, 3 to 5 minutes. Add pork and oyster sauce mixture and stir together all ingredients in skillet until combined. Season with salt and transfer to a large shallow bowl. Cool, stirring occasionally, about 30 minutes.

Place a small spoon full of veggie/meat mixture in the center of a roll wrapper. Dip your finger in water and dampen 2 sides of the wrapper.

Fold over into a triangle shape and seal tightly shut.

Heat the oil (I used vegetable oil) and in small batches cook the rolls until prefer ed doneness on both sides. Let rest on paper towels and cool before eating. These are good right after cooking, but will stay very crispy even an hour (or more) later so this would be great for a party or a late night snack.

As per a Turner family tradition, I couldn't let this meal go by NOT and fry up some empty wrappers and cover them in powder sugar. It's basically carbs, fat and sugar, but it's still good. I took it a step further and mixed some chopped pears, cinnamon, sugar and a pinch of nutmeg. Cook on the stove until softened. Spoon mixture into the center of a wrapper and cover with another wrapper. They look like ravioli. Fry then douse in powder sugar. So good!

This is not something I would usually make. Waaaaayyyy too much fat for my liking, but I have literally never made these before so I thought I'd try it once. It was definitely good enough to make again, but not healthy to make all the time. I'm sure, however, it will be fun to make when the kids get older. It's OK to splurge now and again, right? Hitting the gym tomorrow though ;)