Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zombie Prom 2009: a night to dismember "The Recap"

When everything is said and done a party is just a party .... even if it has a theme. When the initial shock of seeing everyone in their cool, lame, freaky and non-zombie-zombie-costumes it is just a fun party full of friends. OK I totally take that back it was ALL about the costumes, but we did have a great time.

I decided that I wanted to go with "big hair" and really tease it up so I put in pin curls early in the day and let them set. (Pin curls just means that you curl your hair with a curling iron, before it cools down you wind the curl into a flat coin shape and bobby pin it flat to your head. The heat from the iron makes your hair extra curly and usually lasts longer than curling alone). Joe picked up make-up from a costume shop and we put on our make up at the same time .... I never thought I'd say that, but there it is. I thought that my make up would look better than Joe's since I put it on everyday, but all those years as a "drama freak" finally paid off because his looked WAY better than mine. You can't see it in any of the pictures, but Joe has blood coming out of his eye, but on the other side it's dripping from his ear. Freaky.

I thought that it would be HIGH-larious to really do it up for prom so I got a corsage and boutonniere. I even dribbled blood on them and they looked great. It is tradition for us to photograph the pinning-on-and-putting-on of prom flowers and this was not to be photographically missed. Our babysitter took these pictures for us and I think they are hysterical.

Then - 1996


Then - 1996

I included our prom pictures from 1996 just for fun so you could see our first prom and sadly .... our last. Or should I say our most recent.

I really thought that I was going to show up to this party and completely misinterpret the whole dressing up like zombies thing and we would be the only ones. I even called Jaime earlier in the day just to make sure. I would have to say we were on the tame side of things and definatley not the most zombied-up. Some people didn't really dress up at all and others used real blood ... no joke. This one guy is a paramedic and somehow got a cut today at work so he wiped the blood on his clothes. Gross. Here are all the "mamas on the loose". I don't know WHY Heather was dressed as a zombie cowboy clown, but it was hilarious. Her husband was dressed as a clown as well.

They had a whole set up with balloons, hanging stars and a black back drop to take official prom pictures complete with a professional photographer. It was adorable. They crowned "best dressed", "prom king and queen" complete with crowns and trophies. She covered the walls with spiderwebs, balloons, black candels and "organs" (read that as cabbage in colored water) in jars on the stove.

It was a great event to get together with friends and celebrate Halloween in a fun and pretty tame way. Going to bed couldn't have come soon enough though.... being the undead is exhausting.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Zombie Prom 2009: A night to dismember

Let me just start out by saying that Joe and I are not a "fun" couple. Don't get me wrong we HAVE fun and we ARE fun (downright HIGH-larious), but we are definitely not the game-night-double-date-square-dancing-make-your-own-smores-adult-costume-party kind of fun couple. We don't want to be either. In fact we mock those types of couples relentlessly. Sorry Mom (and Jane .... don't deny it) we will never go square dancing ;)In the 8 years we have been married we have literally been on 3 double dates and 2 out of the 3 sucked. On one of those double dates the couple told us the whole drawn out story of how they almost got divorced and what a nut job his wife is .... with the wife sitting next to him. Disaster.

So when my sweet friend, Jaime, invited Joe and I to the "Zombie Prom" I didn't even have to ask Joe if he wanted to go I just knew that we wouldn't go. Kids are the best and easiest way of getting you out of things you don't want to do. When all else fails,"Sorry, we couldn't get a babysitter. I really wanted to go to fondue night and play Pictionary." To those of you who think that sounds like a fun night ... shame on you ;) In fact, when I asked Joe if he wanted to go to "a night to dismember filled with shocktails and horror d'oeuvres" he simply said,"We are not that fun." To which I totally agreed and left it at that.

I started thinking about it and I thought that it was kind of sad to not go to a party just because we had to dress up. To be fair we did have to dress up like Zombies in prom dresses, but I digress. Jaime is part of the "Mamas on the loose" group that I meet with every week so she is a good friend of mine. It would probably hurt her feelings if I COULD go to the party, but didn't. Joe and I went out to dinner with the whole group (our first group date) with all the mamas and their husbands' for Jeni's birthday last weekend and had a great time. I decided that I would go to the party and Joe could stay home and watch Devon. I have this FABULOUS dress that I am totally in love with that I have only worn once about 3 years ago. It is pre-baby and I have to be pretty damn tiny to wear it. It's a classic silhouette, but I just happen to love the style so I thought this would be a great excuse to slim down enough to wear it again. The black flower on the left shoulder is actually a belt.

I bought these latex "wound" kits. They look pretty freaky, but I figured if we are going to go to this thing then we should do it up right!

I did officially ask Joe to "go to prom with me", but was promptly shot down. However, a few days later Joe says,"So what do I have to wear to this thing?" and I had my date. I still can't believe that we are going to this party, but it's Halloween so what the hell, right?