Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Devon: July

This little boy is growing up! People can't believe he is only two since he is so tall and speaks so well. When it comes to food, however, he is very much his age. Devon has good and bad eating days. Some days he won't eat anything until dinner (with milk being the only exception) and other days he eats three meals plus snacks. He really likes Chinese food so we try to keep that on hand. Love those udon noodles!

Wouldn't swing without protective eye wear and a gun. Why wouldn't you want to constantly wear glasses that turn everything blue?

So happy wearing Daddy's glasses.

"Don't I look smart?"

"Hmmmm. Lemme think about it."


"Still thinking. Let's discuss this at another time."

This is Stewart Little. He was our wild, desert bunny for nearly two months. I spotted this little guy in our garden and Joe caught it. It was so hot and he was so lethargic that we didn't think that he would make it more than a few days. But, with a little kitten milk, some rest and daily snuggling he was well enough and we let him go back into the desert.

We also, briefly, had a desert tortoise that Devon named Pascale. I had to get a picture of "The tortoise and the hare."

"Look, Mom! I'm an astronaut!)

At story time they read books about horses and then gave each kid one of these ponies and had them gallop around the room. Cuteness overload!

Devon is still very much into "cool tricks". Instead of saying,"Mom, watch me! Watch me!" He is a little more convincing with,"Mom, watch my cool trick!" You might get an actual cool trick so you have to watch every time just in case ;) At the very least you get giggles and an eyebrow raise so that's good, too.

Devon is generally a very pleasant boy and is happy to stay home playing toys, watching movies, coloring or painting. I try to take the kids out every morning to get out of the house to the Children's Museum or the grocery store, but the most fun we have is finding stuff around the house and making something out of it. Sew some crafting feathers to an elastic headband and BAM! .... instant crown.

Devon is still in the phase where he wants whatever Audrey is holding. It can be a toy, a chewed on straw or the wrapper that the straw came in. If she has it .... he wants it and usually takes it. I haven't figured out what tactic works so he will be more willing to share, but we are working on it daily and I'm guessing it's something he grows out of.

Devon loves guns, swords, knives, kung fu, fighting and tools. He is a very masculine little kid. He usually totes a gun when we go to the grocery store. And when I say "gun" I mean a scale size double barrel shot gun with sound effects, thanks Aunt Crystal and Uncle Jordan. I am always surprised at the people who play along and pretend to die when he shoots them. I am more surprised when people ignore him completely. And it never fails that I get looks, and sometimes comments, about letting him have a toy gun. As if they can't believe I allow it. Newsflash: It's. A. TOY!!!!!

He loves to play Play Doh! and make tortillas, balls and noodles. He squeezed this purple Play Doh! in between him fingers and said,"Look, Mom! A dinosaur!"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Audrey: 1 year old!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Audrey!

So exciting to have my little La La turn one!

Balloons in the bed .... A birthday tradition.

We went to a special music class at the library then later we had a family party at our house with grandparents and cousins.

I decided to have a taco bar and made chicken, beef and pulled pork. I had some fruits and veggies, chips and dip, home made salsa and lemonade. It was so fun to decorate the house with pink streamers and balloons to try and make the party festive. I know she doesn't appreciate it now, but hopefully someday she will look back at pictures and see that I truly wanted to make each of her birthdays special.

Ahhhhh the cake. It's from a wedding cake store. The same one I got Devon's last birthday cake from. They didn't do it exactly the way I asked .... WHY didn't they do the leaves in green? It would have looked so much better, but it tasted SOOOOOO good with white cake and Bavarian cream filling.

The "smash cake". They gave this to me for free. How nice was that?

All the little cousins came up to the high chair to help her blow out the candles. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the evening. They were all so excited and happy for her.

Very dainty at first. Just dipping her fingers into the frosting.

Bravely digging in.

Yummy. Taste it, Mom!

Almost done.

Oh, this is so fun! Right after my Mom took this picture I ran my fingers through my hair. Bath time!

Demolished. I seriously had to take it away from her or I have no doubt she would have licked the plate clean.

Audrey loves her Aunt Jane. Jane is so sweet and patient with little babies they can't help, but love her.

Audrey had a blast with Abuela pushing her around the house in this grocery cart.

Audrey is such a lucky girl to have such thoughtful family to shower her with gifts.

I gave Audrey a sock monkey that I named Lily and a Madame Alexander doll I named Claire.

She waved her hands at the sock monkey and kissed the baby.

My sweet husband selected this beautiful antique box and bracelet for Audrey after looking in several antique stores for the perfect gift. He did this with out any prompting from me and I was brought to tears when I opened it. Someday she will be able to look back on this birthday and know that her Daddy got her a gift that will last a lifetime.

Fascinated by her new bracelet.

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter!

Audrey hit a HUGE milestone this month .... her first word!!!
Not Mama, Mommy or Ma.
I think she said that because that's what Devon screams over and over and over at the top of his lungs first thing in the morning. So happy that her first word was ... me ;)
She has such a fun time swinging at the park with her brother. She loves to be pushed high and giggle and wiggle!

Pucker up!

"Do you love my bow? My Mom made it. She makes me wear one every day, but even though I don't like having my hair done I am getting used to it."

Audrey will stop crying for three things: 1) milk 2) food and 3) books. She LOVES to be read to. She will be in a screaming fit and fussing to avoid going to bed, but will stop crying almost instantly if I set her in my lap and read to her.

Audrey loves her brother and he loves her too, but we are definitely starting to deal with sharing .... or lack there of ;) As soon as Audrey picks up a toy, Devon decides that he has to have it. She used to just let him take it and she would pick something else, but every once in a while she "fights back" with a slap or a hair pull. He better enjoy this time right now because pretty soon she's gonna clobber him! ;)

I am not sure what she will end up with, but so far Audrey seems to be a "lefty" much to my Mom's dismay.

Audrey has taken a few official on-her-knees crawls, but mostly Army crawls. She is so fast and has a pretty unique way of getting some serious speed by pushing with her toes and slapping the ground with only one hand to pull herself forward.

At her last appointment Audrey was 60th% for weight, 70th% for head size and 90th% for height. She loves to eat blueberries, eggs, chicken, fish, yogurt and pretzels.