Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 weeks

Baby Devon is now 3 weeks old and we are getting into a routine .... meaning he cries and I change him, feed him, snuggle him or hand him off to Daddy. It's funny how you have all these fears before they are born like "How will I know when he's hungry?" "How will I know what to do?" "Will I even like being a Mom?" and then they're born and it seems ridiculous that you had these fears in the first place and that instinct just kicks in. I often worried since he can't speak that I would have a hard time knowing what he wanted and yet I can have deep, intellectual conversations with my cats and know exactly what they need. I am learning his cries for food, for snuggling and for "I'm fine. I'm crying, but I'm fine". I can remember my life before he was born and it was a great life, but there is so much more love in the house with him here.

I taught my first yoga class since giving birth and it felt so different. One of my students even said that I seem different. I am! Having a baby really changes you. It has only been 3 weeks, but I felt reasonably ready to go back. Maybe it's because he is still new to me and I'm getting used to everything or maybe I am permanently different ... who knows. I felt a little off my game to be honest. I was physically in the room, but I was so distracted it was maddening. I know it will come back to me, but it will take a little time. I am surprised at how much I enjoy being a Mom. It is such a total, complete shift in every facet of my life from my diet, to my sleep to what I wear, but I love taking care of Devon and miss him when he's sleeping.


Super Kate said...

So precious! He is just too cute. Way to get back to work so quickly!!!
I'm excited for the new routine. I can't wait to just take care of said baby and make a dinner or two.

The Desjardin Family said...

hi annie! glad to hear things are going well. Devon is precious! I sucked the same 2 fingers that he was sucking in that photo .... and I twirled my hair with the other hand. I didn't stop sucking the fingers until I was 11 years old! It always makes me smile to see a kid sucking the same fingers.

Kim said...

What a sweet little baby! I am so glad that you are loving motherhood. It can be a challenge but it's worth it.