Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Audrey: First tooth

Audrey cut her first tooth on January 2nd. It's a tiny, little bottom tooth and she has become a drooling machine! She has been her usual, pleasant self and hasn't been cranky which has been a relief, but I'm sure that may change as more and more teeth emerge. She's only 5 months old .... I know all kids are different, but that seems too little for teeth. I'm enjoying these last few weeks with my toothless baby and loving that gummy grin!


Elizabeth Larson said...

wow! She seems so little to have a tooth- how cute! She is so adorable. I love the bows and all things girly you have done for her! ;) Also, Devon is a cutie and is getting so big- to sit in a regular chair already? Big man around town now! ;)

Crystal Pistol said...

NO way!! I can't believe it! I held her on NewYear's Eve and asked if she had any teeth yet! She probably heard me a grew one real fast.

Kate said...

i love her arms, why can't I love mine.