Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Audrey: March (8 months)

Little Miss Audrey is such a fun little girl. She can sit on her own now, but I can't put her down and walk away since she's not 100% steady 100% of the time. I leave a pillow behind her just in case she tips backwards. She loves to play with Devon's toys and wants to be included in all the fun. Devon would not have it any other way. He brings her toys and tries to soothe her when she fusses.

She has started to "worm" her way across the floor, but mostly spins around in circles. It's startling to set her down, leave and come back and she's in a different spot. She's too little to be so mobile!

She has started eating real food like cooked carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and bananas. She attacks Cheerios. I'm not kidding. I put them on the tray and she goes at them with both fists spraying cereal everywhere. She puts handfuls in her mouth at once and I have to sweep the floor after every meal. She loves to crunch them in her tiny, front teeth,

I definitely call her by her name, but her nicknames include beauty, lady girl, la la and little squishy. She has settled into her 9-12 month clothes and even some 18 month stuff since pants tend to be short on her because she has gotten so tall.

She takes a nice long nap in the middle of the day and is in bed for the night by 7:00. She is a dream sleeper.

I never have to rock her to sleep, which is sort of sad, but nice that I can just put her in her bed when she's wide awake, give her her blanket and she just goes to sleep. If she cries for more than two minutes that means that she's not ready and I'll keep her up an extra half hour.

Although she hates to be put in her car seat she is a sweet little girl to run errands with.

It is so fun for me to take her shopping with me or to the grocery store and have that one-on-one time that I cherish.

Audrey loves to laugh, watch cartoons with her brother, sing and click her tongue. Since her teeth are really starting to descend, she is doing lots of raspberries and sucking on her lips.

She sits while I do her hair and style it into little curls. I have started making little hair clips for her and I'm sure in a few months she will have a clip for every outfit ;)

It delights me to no end to go into her room after she has been sleeping. When she sees me she kicks her legs and waves her arms wildly all the while she is giggling and cooing. It makes me happy that she is happy to see me. I adore this little lady and I live to make her smile.


Kate said...

so so so so so cute. the post and your little lady. These moments of how you remember her at this stage she will love when she is older.

Crystal Pistol said...

My fave pic is the one where you're wearing the yellow flower top. So beautiful of both of you.

You're such a good mommy, Annie.