Friday, October 14, 2011

Audrey: September (14 months)

Most days this is my vantage point of Audrey.

Clinging to my leg, dress or shirt. She has gotten very steady pulling herself up to standing and easing her way back down to the floor. She has officially given up the Army crawl (sad face) and crawls on her knees. She is like one of those battery operated puppy toys .... she will be crawling like a maniac towards the stairs and I'll pick her up, turn her around and as soon as she touches down again she is of at top speed again. She is very independent and is content to be away from me as long as SHE is the one to move away. If I leave her to go to the bathroom she has a meltdown. Figures ;)

This kid hates hats. Hates them. Hence this face. It could also be the above 90 temps, but whatever. She pulls her hats off almost instantly unless I distract her and get her to forget she has one on her head.

I can finally do two ponies. REAL ponies and They. Are. Adorable. I am trying to slowly get her off bottles and onto sippy cups, but she looks so old in this picture I may have to let her keep the bottle a bit longer.

Audrey is not quick to smile and seems to be quite a serious baby. When she does smile she smiles with her whole body squealing, giggling, clapping her hands and that little dimple makes an appearance.

Audrey loves music. It can be a song you sing to her or pounding on the floor in rhythm like a drum she will start to sway. She has done this from the very beginning.

She is so in love with our cat, Sampson. He tried to hide himself in the towel bin (and Devon blocked him in with towels to hide him from her), but she quickly removed the towels and went in after him. If she is having a crying fit, all I have to do is get her little face close to his fur and she giggles and returns to a happy baby.

Downdog Audrey.

At her last appointment Audrey was 60% for weight (down from 90%), 70% for head size and 80% for height so she has started to lean out a bit over these past few months.

Viva Las Vegas!

Baby bum.

Road trippin' to Vegas.

Devon and Audrey are going through a bit of a rough patch right now. I feel like I say that every month! What gives me hope that they will get along is he has given her a nickname that he has come up with all on his own .... Aud.

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Crystal Pistol said...

Aud? So cute. They will be BFFs before you know it! I love her downdog and Real Ponies and sad hat face. :)