Thursday, January 12, 2012

Audrey: 17 months (December)

We had a great time celebrating Christmas this year with the kids. On Christmas day we got up and opened gifts at home then after naps went to my Mom's house. We did Christmas with Joe's family a week later.

Audrey got some really fun gifts and her favorites seem to be her Doodle pad, a kazoo, a doll and a stacking toy.

BOTH kids were very excited when Devon opened his REAL Buzz Lightyear.

This globe plays music and shoots out snow when you push the button. After all the Christmas decorations were put away she would still go over to this spot looking for the globe. So sad.

I made this felt board over the holiday and Audrey loved building and tearing down the snowman and tree. Devon took this picture with my phone.

"Umm. Hello? I need a snack in this hand please."

Not a great picture, but I LOVE this dress on her.

Audrey has been watching her brother and is very much into coloring and painting. The kids got these "dot" paints for Christmas and she digs in the art drawer, brings one over to me and says,"Pwahhh?" I'm guessing that means paint :)

The crafting drawer usually gets emptied out on a daily basis. Seriously, how cute is this outfit?

Wheeeeeeere's Audrey?

THERE she is!

Watching Yo Gabba Gabba limbs akimbo. Audrey (unfortunately) loves to watch TV, movies or cartoons. Loves it. Ever since she was super small she has loved watching TV and has a surprising attention span to sit through an entire movie. I don't let them watch TV everyday and maybe she loves it because it's not very often.

At her last appointment, Audrey was 80% for height and weight and 60% for head size. She loves to eat pretzels, cookies, crackers, whole apples, watermelon and soy beans.

Audrey and Devon get along SO well lately. They not only play together, but they actually take turns playing with toys and willingly share.

Audrey has been on a bit of a tantrum tear. She will throw herself on the floor, carefully roll onto her back and proceed to kick and scream her way across the floor. It's pretty hysterical. She's so serious about something ;) She can say so many words and gets better every day at repeating words we say to her. Devon (De den as Audrey says) loves to help her say new words and rejoices when she gets them right. He is also very encouraging when she walks which she is totally in command of. She figured it out in a couple of weeks and it is so much fun to see her exploring with her new found freedom.

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Mykuljay said...

What a wonderful holiday narrative! And terrific pictures too. The wee ones look precious. That's what it's all about! Thank you for posting.