Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 10th: Happy Birthday Dear Katy ....

Happy birthday to you! THIS is the new card-in-the-mail card .... blogger style.

This is for my older .... now wiser .... sister who was the coolest older sister a teenage girl could have.

This is for my sister who set goals and followed through no matter how tough.

This is for my sister who let me hang with her during family vacations and made me feel cool just being around her.

This is for my sister who introduced me to one of my all time favorite bands ..... The Cure. A moment of silence please.

This is for my sister who didn't care what people thought .... maybe she did, but she faked it really well.

This is for my sister who made it look so easy and effortless.

This is for my sister who has such a tender heart she will not let you cry alone.

This is for my sister who became a new mama this year.

This is for my sister who always worked so hard. Even when she was being creative.

This is for my sister who taught me to have a sense of my own style. I think I copied her for so long that I didn't figure out what that was until she moved out. So .... thanks for moving out ;)

This is for my older, but wiser, cool, goal setting, Cure loving, tender hearted, new mama, hard working, creative, stylish, and beautiful sister.

I love you, Happy Birthday and bonjourno!


Kim said...

How fun! Who doesn't love Katy. What a great tribute. My b-day is October 7th...get busy on my tribute.

Kate said...

awwwwwww, thanks annie. you are too kind too kind! I sure wish i knew I was that cool back then.

yo nance said...

Annie...You've done it again! You nailed it...Katy-wise. You've surely got a gifted way of expressing yourself. Lucky Katy to be the recipient of that very thoughtful, sweet "Birthday card."