Monday, December 27, 2010

Audrey: 5 months (December)

As of her last appointment, Audrey weighs in at 15 pounds and is 70% percentile for height, head size and weight. She is my little chunky monkey (note her forearm "rolls" ;) and we just love her!

She finally rolled over a few weeks ago and sometimes I find her sleeping on her belly. She looks so pleased with herself when she gets up on her forearms and looks around.

I didn't think I could give birth to a more mellow kid than Devon, but it would appear that I have! Audrey is still a great sleeper and will happily go along to a morning play date or errand and sleep in her car seat or pouch while Devon plays. There have been many occasions when it's 8:00 am and the house is still quite. I tip toe upstairs to check on Audrey and she is just laying in her crib, awake and waiting for me to get her. I scoop her up and check in on Devon and he is sitting in his crib reading a book. I don't know how I got so lucky to have these little babies, but I am so grateful.

Audrey loves to stand up, play with toys, chew on things, sit in her swing and watch TV with Devon. She is transfixed. She loves to be talked to and will reward you for paying attention to her with constant cooing, kicking and laughing.

The older she gets the more girly she dresses (with the occasional skull and crossbones black and grey leggings ;) I have dressed her in a few things that I NEVER thought I would, but she just looks too damn cute I can't help myself. Case in point ... THIS headband. It's not even the biggest one she has. Love it!

Audrey seems to have some sort of sensor in her brain that tells her when I have gone out of "acceptable range".

Sometimes I will wait until the kids go to bed and I will run errands and go to the store. I put them both down, wait until they are totally asleep and then I slip out. The last two times I've done this, the MOMENT I pull out of the driveway Audrey wakes up and screams the entire time I'm gone. I get home, take her from Joe and she instantly falls asleep. Poor Daddy.

I call this one "knuckle sammich". You talkin' ta me?

Audrey is such a good baby and I can't give that kid enough kisses. She gets so much love and attention from her aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who clamor to hold her. She is super ticklish on her ribs, belly and neck and lets out giggles and grunts. She is a happy little girl and we love watching her grow.

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She is too cute!