Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Pink pancakes for breakfast.

Joe and I aren't big on Valentine's Day. It's Valentine's Day every day at our house ;)

I made some red velvet cupcakes and let Devon decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. Every few seconds he would say,"Mess. I made mess. Need to clean it up with a towel." He would say this over and over until I got him a towel. And when he says "mess" that can mean that he got the tiniest speck of frosting on his finger.

He wont lick it off. He wants it wiped with a towel. He is such a neat freak!

Audrey was content to sit in her chair and when Devon finished they played together.

Audrey pulled on his shirt, sucked on his fingers and he handed her toys ;)It is great to see them actually starting to play together. Devon is so gentle with her and loves to make her laugh. He giggles so much when they are together when she touches his hair or face or makes some sort of physical contact with him ;)

We don't do gifts, but we always get each other a card or write a love letter. Joe always makes me one and I keep them all (of course)and they are hilarious. I usually buy him a card, but this year I made him one and I think it turned out OK for my first try.

I had all this crafty stuff around because I have been making hair bows for Audrey so I put this together. It's not a big deal (and it clearly didn't take me long to make since it's not terribly well done), but the felt heart flips up to reveal the message.

Joe made me this card.

He designed the top and bottom himself and printed it out on his fancy sign-making printer. It's like a giant sticker. To give you an idea of the scale I had Devon pose with it.

It's awesome! The best one yet. The BEST part is the text on the inside is 12 size font and he only wrote three, little words. It was hysterical and I love it. Now where am I going to put it? I think it will look great in my bathroom.

Perfect! I'll have to do my hair and make up somewhere else, but I think it's worth it ;)


Kate said...

HAHAHAHA< oh, that's so funny. I'd like to see it on the mantle too. Joe so funny.

Crystal Pistol said...

That brother of mine! Always going above and beyond the call of duty. FUNNY!

He showed me all his sign making stuff. Very impressive!

I love the pic of Audrey holding Devon's shirt!

yo nance said...

The Valentine's Day card that Joe made for you this year is totally amazing. He is so sweet, so romantic, so funny, so over-the-top. I'm in love with him. I'm really happy that he married you. XOX