Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Easter was so fun this year. In 2010, Devon was too little to hunt for eggs so we were really excited for him to participate in the fun this year. We didn't decorate eggs, but I hosted an Easter dinner at my house with my parents, my brother's kids and Jane and her kids. We pooled all of our plastic eggs and had nearly 200. That allowed each child to find about 38 eggs so there were plenty to go around.

Each of us provided a dish (or two) so there was plenty of food and I didn't have to do all the cooking for 15 people. Joe even grilled the ham (that's right .... grilled ham. It's INSANELY good) so I made a pound cake, cup cakes, filled and hid the eggs and got the house ready. I set up a cupcake decorating station for the kids and sent them home with the ones they didn't eat on the spot.

I made Autumn a barrette and each of Jane's girls a felt flower corsage in different styles and colors. They. Were. Adorable.

(I didn't get a picture of Emily with hers for some reason). They wore them to school the next day ;)

Aunt Jane entertained Audrey most of the night. Love that sweet sister of mine!

Checking out Harrison's cool shirt.

Autumn, Emily and Chloe giving the castle their stamp of approval.

I also made Devon's Easter basket this year and I think it turned out OK, but it could have been better. I didn't measure anything and I didn't spend a lot of time making it exact, but my goal was to make him a basket .... not to make him a perfect one ;)

I got a card board box and added felt until it looked finished.

Gold sequined rattle snake tail.

A sneaky mouse evading the snake's red tongue and some hidden eggs.

I tried to make a "manly" basket that would possibly get some use beyond Easter. Devon took the basket with him on a play date and to the grocery store. Mission accomplished!


Kate said...

oh annie, the basket is adorable but the way he is carrying it is even better. I love it. and i LOVE the corsages. That is the cutest idea ever.

Elizabeth Larson said...

I am SOOOOOO impressed with the Easter basket you made D! What creativity to come up with that! Ah-mazing! Love it!! Great job! Cute post- and cute previous post about D.