Monday, April 25, 2011

Devon: April

Devon has definitely become a climbing climber. He is outgoing at the playground, "jumping class" (gym class) as well as furniture. I have to trust his coordination, but I still keep a tight watch on him so we don't have to go to the hospital for stitches ;)

This is Roman.

He's adorable and out going and Devon loves him. His Mama is one of my closest friends. We met at story time when the boys were just starting to crawl.

We were pregnant together with our second kids and Audrey and her son Lincoln are about a month apart.
High five!

You have eyebrows!

Fist bump!


Cutie booties!

Just a couple 'a guys hangin' out and holdin' hands.

Devon LOVES his cousin Sadie. We see them at least once a week at "jumping class". It's a gym class where the kids get to just run around and use the equipment. In this picture she was teaching him how to slow dance. "Hold my hand and put your arm around me!" The giggling between these two kids is hysterical.

We are so lucky to have so much family live in town. I can just call up my parents and go out to dinner .... and we did. These two kept cracking each other up.

He loves to give "fumbs up". Look at how far back he curls his little thumb!

His new obsession is Clifford and LITERALLY memorized an entire book. It's called Clifford's first Halloween, but Devon calls it the "hand book" because there is a hand wiggling on the wall. His memory is staggering. He will read other Clifford books as well, but also loves to watch him on TV.

Devon is a totally different kid this month. He has come out of his shell even more and is so out going. He speaks very well and has a few phrases that he has latched onto. Some of the classics include:

"I love you so much."
"Wanna see cool trick?"

"Um, so, how's your day, Mom?"
"I'm Spiderman/Woody/Mr. Incrediboy/Prince Charming."
"Probly wanna clip it."

He had a hang nail and once I clipped it off and it stopped hurting. "Clipping it" is his standard solution for all types of pain. Sun burn? Probly wanna clip it. Headache? Probly wanna clip it. Stubbed your toe? Probly wannt clip it.

Devon loves lizards (geckos specifically), snakes, and birds. Somehow a Bull snake got into our house and I caught it so show to him. He was so brave and wanted to touch it. He is very gentle and without being told, only used one finger to pet it's tail. He is fearless with that kind of stuff. Can you see the snake?

I was worried about Devon loosing some weight so I took him to the pediatrician. He had, in fact, lost a couple of pounds so the doctor told me to mix ice cream into his milk, cut back on milk to two sippy cups a day, pizza twice a week, regular hot dogs (not the turkey ones I usually give him), dessert, ranch dressing on his veggies and let him basically eat whatever he asks for (with in reason). I have to say for the first week it seemed like allowing him to have fattening foods seemed to have "primed" his appetite "pump", but after a couple of weeks he went back to not really wanted to eat and now asking for cake, ice cream and cookies ;) I hate that I am now reduced to getting him to eat dinner with promising him dessert afterwards.

Look at that happy face!

Devon will show you his happy, pouty, funny and fierce face. The fierce face is my favorite because it comes with sound effects and hand gestures. Devon is such a fun little kid and has a truly sweet personality. He is very tough, but at the same time very sensitive and doesn't like for us to see him cry. If he gets hurt, he will turn his head so we can't see his face and won't look at us until he has calmed down. We tell him all the time that it's OK to cry when you get hurt, but he still doesn't like for us to see him cry. He readily shares his toys with other kids (this does not include his sister at the moment, but we're working on it ;)and is an all around fun kid to hang out with. His new bed time routine includes reading books, kiss on the lips, monkey kiss (eskimo kiss), butterfly kiss and a hug.

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Kate said...

we have the same bedtime routine...but they are eskimo kisses around here.
probly wanna clip it is the best part of this post...your kid cracks me up