Monday, June 6, 2011

Audrey: May (10 months)

Oh how I love this little girl. Nicknames include: baby doll, little lady, little girl, La la and Aud. She was reaching up to run her fingers through my hair, I would squeal, she would laugh and so the game goes.

Little Audrey is this close to crawling. She doesn't get up on her knees, but she goes from sitting and pushes forward onto her belly. She tries to get up on her knees, but they slide out from under her and she ends up moving backwards. I think in the next month or so we will have a crawling baby.

Audrey loves to play toys, clap her hands, coo and "dance" to music. I think music and food move her in the same way because she sways when she eats as well ;)

This baby loves to eat! She prefers to feed herself and will swat your hand away if you try to give her food until you allow her to take it from you so she can feed her self. She loves pasta, fruit, eggs, crackers, green beans, sweet potatoes, pretzels, Cheerios and chicken. She's not picky and is quite content in the high chair.

She loves to be held and when she wants to be held .... she will let the entire neighborhood know! She is very good about sitting and playing by herself or with Devon for 20 minutes or more, but if you happen to walk by and she sees you you better be prepared to pick her up. If you choose to not pick her up, she will let out a scream that is so alarming it sounds like she is missing an arm or something when all that's wrong is she wants to be picked up.

In spite of her condition that Joe affectionately calls being a "hold-a-holic" or as I call it, having "hold-a-holism", she is such an easy baby about naps and sleeping at night. I can just lay her down and walk out of the room without having to wait until she is asleep. In fact, she doesn't really like being rocked to sleep and much prefers to just lay in bed. She loves to "pet" the cat and is starting to show preferences to who can or can not hold her. Can't believe she's nearly 1! Planning the party already ;)

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