Friday, July 1, 2011

Audrey: June 11 months

It's been a rough week for Miss Audrey since she has had to deal with her first time getting sick. She almost made it a whole year, but not quite. She has been running a high fever, not urinating, not eating or drinking, fussy, and vomiting. After a couple of trips to the pediatrician, a catheter and Urgent care I think she is finally starting to feel better.

Audrey has been "Army crawling" all over the house. If she has somewhere specific she wants to go she gets there fast! She goes from sitting to her belly pretty seamlessly and has pushed up to her knees a couple of times. I think next month will be her month to really crawl.

Audrey loves to eat grapes, crackers, noodles, Cheerios, pretzels, green beans, yogurt and eggs. She really hates ham, tofu and laughing cow cheese and will almost always spit them out.

She gets up pretty early, but it's nice to have some time that is just us girls and eat breakfast and chat. She has the sweetest smile and I never tire of seeing her little dimple and toothy grin. She loves to draw, but the fact the the pen is connected to the pad frustrates her into screaming fits.

"Shake, shake, shake your bean bag" is her favorite song at story time.

I stopped using her infant bath tub and put her in the regular bath .... which she hates. I basically just try and clean her as fast as possible and get her out. On the rare occasion she enjoys the bath she loves to splash the water and poke the bubbles.

Audrey loves to watch cartoons with her brother. I am amazed at her attention span, but she will sit for most of a movie and watch quietly. She also does a great job playing toys by herself and will keep herself entertained. She still prefers Mama to pretty much anything else at this point, but she is starting to reach out for other people to hold her.

Audrey loves her Daddy and perks up when he walks into the room. He and I have such different dynamics with the kids and it's fun for me to see the new and fun things he introduces to her.

Like all siblings, Devon and Audrey don't always get along, but when they do it is so sweet and tender. Audrey thinks that Devon is hysterical and the feeling is quite mutual.

She is babbling more and more each day and I have heard Mama, Dada and what, but we can't call any of them her "first word" since she was just babbling and not knowing what she was really saying. It is so cute to hear her little voice start to emerge and words start to form.

I can't believe this little-not-so-little baby doll will turn 1 year old in just a few weeks.

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