Friday, July 1, 2011

Devon: June

Devon is a little ray of happy at our house. He has never ending energy and always wants to play and have fun. I feel like a gushing Mom every time I sit down to write about my kids, but I can't help it and I'm not gonna stop ;)

I took Devon to his first, real movie at a theater. We went with my brother and sister and a few of their kids and saw Shrek 4. He clung to his little cup of soda, ate his jelly beans and sat for the entire movie. He loved it and can't wait to go back.

About once a week we have "tattoo day" at our house. Devon will start to draw on me with a pen so I draw on him, myself and we just have fun coloring our skin. I always give him a "Mom" tattoo on his arm. It is the only tattoo, real or otherwise that I will allow.

Devon loves to pretend and use his imagination. Here we was being "Sampson" our cat on his way to the vet.

I am happy that Devon hit a new milestone (in my opinion it's a milestone) and gave up his "papash". We have been slowly throwing them away as they wear out and I didn't buy new ones. Finally, the last one just had too many holes in it and it was no longer safe for him to have in his mouth. We told him that he could choke on it and that we had to throw it in the garbage and that was it. He did ask for it for the next few naps and nights, but we just talked to him about it having holes and that we had to throw it away and he seemed to understand. He is also less attached to his blanket and even slept without it a couple of times. The blanket thing doesn't bother me, but I was getting so sick of having to hunt down ONE papash night after night.

The evening ritual. Wrestling and playing on Mama and Daddy's bed with Daddy.

Devon is getting better at eating more food and has put on a few extra pounds. He has also developed an affinity for jelly beans.

Charming a set of twins at the park. "Hi, I'm Devon. Nice to meet you."

Devon is amazing at using a computer. Seriously, it's sort of freaky. He can totally navigate the mouse and pull up Google Earth on his own. He loves to play video games and watch videos with his Dad on youtube.

Joe took Devon to work with him last Friday and they took this cute picture on the copier.

Some of my favorite quotes:
Me: Devon, what are you doing?
Devon: I'm reading to the Statue of Liberty.

Me: Are you OK, Devon?
Devon: Sigh. Yeah. I'm just resting. I'm Daddy.

"Daddy, make a smiley face."

Devon loves to play Playdoh, watch the "crazy show" (America's Funniest Videos), paint, color, ride cars, play soccer and sword fight. If you sword fight you better defend yourself because he doesn't take it easy on you. My strategy is to swing and retreat.

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Elizabeth Larson said...

Seriously cute posts about both kids! Sounds like Devon is brilliant! And sorry that Audrey has been so sick, that is so hard as a mom to see them hurting and they can't even tell you whats wrong! But glad she is getting better and hope all continues to go well for your summer!