Thursday, December 8, 2011

Audrey: November 16 months

Audrey loves to go to the park and is very confident crawling away from me and doing her own thing. She can finally walk, but still prefers to crawl as her main mode of getting around. She loves to go on the swings and will literally send herself down the slide. She loves to interact with other kids, climb the equipment and dig with her brother.

She loves to play toys, sing songs, dance, play ball, ride cars read books. Her favorite book is "Counting with Blue". Audrey and Devon are getting along SO much better this past month and it has relieved some stress from the day. They will play together, share toys and very soon I think they will be throwing a ball around.

She has a great attention span and loves to watch cartoons with her brother. She gets just as excited as he does when I turn on Sponge Bob or Yo Gabba Gabba. Audrey can say mama, dada, Audrey (seriously, she can), cat, Sam (our cat) and meows when she sees him. She is starting to do animal sounds and is much more communicative with her needs. She is getting 4 teeth right now and it has been a bit challenging to manage her pain through it, but hopefully it is nearly over.

I didn't post about Halloween because I only post up until the 27th of each month (since that's her birthday), but Audrey went as a little ladybug complete with black and white striped tights. I didn't get any good pictures on the day since she was in the stroller when we did the trick or treating and you couldn't see her outfit anyway so I'll have to get her in the costume and take a couple for next time.

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Crystal Pistol said...

I'm so glad the little ones are getting on better. I knew it. :) They will become BFFs before your very eyeballs. :) She's a little beauty, that baby. I love her!