Friday, December 16, 2011

Devon: November

Devon has returned to his normal, sweet little self. He and Audrey are getting along better and better every day and it has made all the difference with our day-to-day activities. I had to adjust my attitude as well and I think we are all reaping the benefits of being more positive. Devon knows all the words to "The tale of Custard the dragon" and loves to read, be read to and have his Daddy "tell true stories". He loves doing Playdoh, going to the Children's Museum, watching movies, riding cars and doing superhero jumps and tricks.

If there was a boy more into superheros than Devon I think the world would implode. He wears a superhero mask (that he painted) while he paints and every 30 seconds refers to himself as a different superhero. Just when I think I know which hero he is he simply says,"Ugh, mama? I'm not (fill in superhero name here), I'm Devon." He wears them on his shirts, underwear, plays with them and pretends to be them. He is Spiderman most often, but also loves Thor, Incredible Hulk, The Thing, Cyclops, Mr. Incredible as well as all Transformers. Sigh ... boys.

I bought this "light saver" a few months back when Devon was potty training. It was my incentive gift to get him to #2. One night just before bed it FINALLY happened. I gave him the sword and it never happened in the potty again. It's like he waits until I get a pull up on him for resting time and sleeping and then he goes.

Devon loves scuba divers and talks about regulators, seeing under water and being a scuba diver when he is a grown up.

We love going to the park and the zoo since the weather has been a dream lately. We can spend hours outdoors and the time just flies by. He loves lizards and birds, but is really into snakes and a big, coffee table snake book his Dad picked up for him.

I let Devon use my camera. He took this picture of me.

I took this picture of his muscles.

I leave you with this ...

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