Monday, June 25, 2012

Audrey: April (21 months)

Audrey is starting to love to paint and color. She loves to do glitter and be involved in whatever art Devon is doing for the day.
Such a happy-go-lucky lady.
Man oh MAN is Audrey independent! She is off and running. Literally. The kid runs everywhere she goes. I was having a rough time keeping track of her and Devon at the zoo and "Mom-Guyvered" a baby leash from my purse strap. It didn't last, but it gave my mind a break from the constant,"Audrey! Devon! Stay with me!"
There was a puddle at the park and both my kids splashed right in. Of course, Audrey sat down. In the water. And of COURSE it was the ONE time I didn't bring a change of clothes. Ugh.
When it's cool enough to make it to the park, she loves to swing and climb where all the big kids are.
Two ponies.
Audrey loves to play toys, guns, swords, dolls, bad guys blocks ... whatever is around she will play with. She is so busy!
I made some "cloud dough" (baby oil and flour). It's moldable, but easily breaks apart. Makes everyone smell great :) I put some in a big bin on the back porch and let the kids go nuts for about an hour. I am so in love with these pictures I can't pick a favorite.
In spite of her expression in this picture, and ALL pictures of all the cousins, Audrey had a fun time hunting down all the eggs at the hunt we had at our house. She loves candy and I would bet that jelly beans (a.k.a. jubellines) are her favorite.
Audrey loves to snuggle stuffed animals and animals in general. She is very sweet and nice little girl. She loves to run and be tickled. Peek-a-boo is still a favorite.
Audrey loves dogs tramendously, but has a special bond with our cat, Sampson. He, unfortunately, has lymphoma and the vet doesn't think he will make it to Thanksgiving this year. He has been my baby before I had babies for the past 13 years. He has always been an indoor only cat. I want him to have a happy life and figured that he would really enjoy being outside. So, I put a leash on his small frame (down from 20 poinds to 10 in just a few months) so he can learn the parameters of the yard. Now I let him out with the kids to play and he rolls in the dirt, chases bugs and digs (and poops) in the sandbox with Audrey everyday.

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