Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Audrey: October

Audrey loves yogurt and loves to slurp it through a straw!
 Such a good little sleeper and check out those lashes!
 There isn't a lot of things to go and see in town so when we get a little desperate we go to the toy store and play with everything they have and I make a mental Christmas list. This Barbie jeep is not on it :)
 Audrey loves to do crafts especially painting and glitter.
 Audrey and Devon love to play out in the yard and climb this little embankment pretty much everyday. I usually just send them out in underwear, shoes and the cat. They dig for rocks and bugs and work out all that energy at the end of the day.
 Trying out daddy's shoes. Can't go any where without her blankie.
 We go to a story time at the bookstore where they read and do songs and the kids get a juice box and a granola bar. Audrey usually ends up rifling through my purse and "trying on" AKA ruining my sunglasses.
 Audrey is terrified ...TERRIFIED when Joe puts shaving cream on his face in the morning to shave. She will run to the closet, to my arms and hides her face or under this end table, cry and cover her face with her blankie. She won't come out til he has totally washed it off. Such a sensitive little girl.

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