Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Devon: October

Devon loves to pose for pictures and, mostly, requires some for of whimsical addition to his outfit. He often brings me something, like this lovely mask, so I don't feel left out.
He is also quite fond of the mustache. I drew this one on him with my eye liner.

 He drew this one himself.
 Cousin Charlie came to visit and these two had the best time together. They are both so mild mannered and got along quite well. It's too bad they don't get to see each other more often.
 Well hello there!
 "Sleeping" in mama and daddy's bed.
 Realized I was taking his picture and couldn't stop from cracking a smile.
 Since Sam is now quite sick we have started letting him go outside in the yard on a leash so he gets familiar with the perimeter. Devon loves to follow him around as he explores.
 Sigh. I love letting the kids go in the sand box, but it usually ends up with Audrey having a diaper full of sand.
 At the top of Devon's favorite food list is definitely pizza. No matter where we go he will always eat pizza.
Devon loves to play with cousins at grandma's house and Sadie and Devon played dress ups. He doesn't care, or even notice, that it's a dress he just wants to have fun. 

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