Sunday, October 21, 2012

I was stopped at a red light yesterday and the couple in the truck next to me took the opportunity to make out. He brushed away a curl of her hair and continued on their way.

I am concerned about the boniness of my cat Sampson. He will be 13 this year if he makes it through November. I took him to the vet about this time of year last year when he dropped from 20 to 10 pounds. The vet said that he would be surprised if Sam made it past Thanksgiving, believing that he has lymphoma or something similar. My last cat, Jasmine, literally died on Thanksgiving 2 years ago. Thanksgiving is turning out to be sorta sucky.

Joe and I went bowling for our date last night. We drank bad Miller Lite on draft and I won all three games. I admit that the last game came down to one measly point. Sorry honey, but I was on a bowling league as a kid on the east side. And we won. After bowling we went to Cafe Poca Cosa for chips and salsa, sangria, home made tortillas and fresh entrees. Topped off the night with vodka black raspberry daiquiris and an episode of mad men. Full.

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