Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let's go to the movies: The Duchess

I am one of those people who go to a movie thinking I will love it ("Burn after reading") and then I end up really hating it. Or I go to a movie thinking I will hate it and end up loving it and crying half way though. Let me just say that I definitely fall into the later category. I loved this movie. I have been waiting for a well done period movie that A) didn't bore me to tears ("Emma" with Gweneth Paltrow) or B) would not be so completely boring that I would get up and leave halfway through (that one with Kristin Dunst). The Duchess was beautiful to look at with all of the lush English landscape, the beautiful furnishings and sets, the costumes, the make up and the HAIR. I was not a Keira Knightly fan until now (she always does that "lip thing"), but she won me over. I thought her portrayal of a caring mother was convincing and very heartfelt. (For those of you who are a little on the "sensitive mommy side" you may need a tissue for one scene in particular.) I always appreciate when a film can win me over without excessive bad language, nudity, or violence and this movie was able to show love and passion without any nudity. I would not drag your husband to this because he will definately hate it, but it would be a great girls night flick.

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