Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweet baby

Devon is the happiest first thing in the morning. He's well rested, fed, changed, and dressed for the day. Some mornings I go into his room to check on him and he is awake in his crib holding his feet.

He loves to put his toes in his mouth so the feet on his "footie" pajamas are sometimes a little damp before we put him to bed.

He is a pretty happy guy, but he has been sick this week with a cold. We have spent the past few days at home making sure he gets lots of rest. He is still not sleeping through the night quite yet, but I am managing. Once I put him down he will initially sleep for 4-6 hours straight, up every 2 hours until 8:00 am and by then he is ready to play. I think that sleeping through the night is right around the corner.


findingbenjamin said...

He looks great! Love the pics. What a sweet little guy.



Super Kate said...

Oh, how I love the photos!!!

Kim said...

I hope he starts sleeping thru the night for you. My kids didn't sleep thru the night until they were like 6!

big red 26 said...

Ahhhh he's getting to big he is so cute I can't stand it all these cute kids!