Monday, March 30, 2009

After being a parent for 6 months I have learned that ....

... in a battle of who will wear out first .... I will always loose.
... a baby will make you realize if you really are patient or not.
... terms like "late" or "early" (as in am and pm) no longer mean anything.
... I now choose what to wear based on if I care if it gets puked on or not.
... a baby will not save a marriage, but it will strengthen a strong one.
... I feel sad for people who don't get to experience a whole new type of love that only a child can teach you about.
... I want Devon to have more than I did. Definitely not less. Not the same ... but SO much more.
... a t-shirt can double as a burp cloth.
... you have to figure out your morals and values and be sure what they are because you will have to teach them some day soon.
... they DO grow up so fast.
... you learn who your true friends are.
... even though someone may have more kids than you, no one knows more about your kid than you do. Trust your instincts.
... people who offer to babysit understand that it's not just about taking care of the baby, but about taking care of Mom, too.
... babies don't really need shoes.
... I'm so glad that Joe and I went to college and can set the example that education is important.
... you can't kiss a baby too much or snuggle them too long.
... loosing "baby weight" is hard, not impossible, but not priority #1.
... the house will not always look perfect.
... being a stay at home mom is a luxury.
... Daddy does things his own way and it's a good way ... even if it's not my way ;)
... days are long, but months go by fast.
... babies are expensive!
... sending a kid off to school is sad. I always thought that it would be a nice break, but now I understand why parents cry on the first day.
... I have become a more careful driver.
... life is short, but love is forever.
... I have a really cute baby!
... having a baby is a gift.


Elizabeth Larson said...

Wow, that is such a sweet message Annie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it's amazing how wonderful having a baby makes you feel :) Nice post. And that pic of Joe and Devon-WOW! Adorable!!!

findingbenjamin said...

A! I love hearing about your new life with D. You are an amazing mother; can't wait to see you all!! b

yo nance said...

Annie...loved every word and every square inch of the photos! XOX

Kim said...

That's a lot to learn in 6 short months. Being a mom is a gift. I do have to disagree on one point...babies do need shoes. Oh how I love shoes. When I decided to finally sell all of Sam's baby clothes & shoes, it turns out I had 80 pair of shoes. I know, I know, but they were all so cute!

big red 26 said...

Awww Baby D, I hope one day I'll figure out what your talking day in the VERY far distance....very far. I love being an Aunt! Love the pic of Joe and Devon so cute.

Super Kate said...

oh, so cute...he has the best little smile EVER!!! What, your house won't be perfect and I'm gonna be late...I changed my mind. J/K, love it!