Thursday, September 27, 2012

Audrey: June (23 months)

Audrey loves to wear grown up shoes.
She loves to play at the Children's museum and explore with her brother. I took her there without him once and she kept saying,"Devon? Devon?" In spite of how much he hassels her, she loves to be around him.
If it involves dirt and mud Audrey is all in. She doesn't even mind getting covered in it or sitting in a huge pile of it.
Like any kid, she loves to wear, and stretch out, my sunglasses.
"So pretty."
She likes to (eat) paint and put on lip gloss. It's unfortunate when these two world collide.
Audrey is very hands on with animals and giggles when seeing them up close at the zoo. She goes right up to dogs and waves hello. We are working on asking where it is ok to pet them.
Although she won't eat any, Audrey really enjoys her weekly visits out to grandma and grandma's (grandpa)garden to pick tomatoes.
She loves her grandparents and asks me to call and talk to them all the time.

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