Thursday, September 27, 2012

Devon: June

Devon is such a musical little boy. I have no doubt that he will be able to sing when he gets older and will probably be able to play an instrument with ease.
He loves to take pictures on my phone and any camera anyone will let him use. I love his perspective and what he is able to capture that I otherwise wouldn't. That's me :)
One morning I got him out of bed and he had this strange bite on his ear. It looked like a blister. His whole ear swelled up, was hot to the touch and was really red. We were so concerned we nearly took him to the hospital. I know that sounds like an overreaction, but there are plenty of venomous things in the desert that are poisonous you can't always "wait and see". After talking to his pediatrician we decided to wait until the next day and it got much better over night. He got several of these over the next few weeks, and we got the house sprayed hoping that these bites would stop.
Devon is very helpful in grandpa's garden and is so responsible that grandpa lets him use his very special pocket knife to cut a few cucumbers. Would you trust your 3 year old with a knife?
The glory of the harvest!
Devon pretty much wears these "monkey boots" every where we go. They make him sweaty, but he doesn't care. He gets so much attention with them and is learning how to accept a compliment since everyone seems to love his boots.

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