Thursday, September 27, 2012

Devon: July

That face. Whatever I may be feeling at any moment can be instantly improved by looking at this sweet face.
Fresh squeezed carrot juice shots. Clink!
I try and take the kids out separately on the weekend and Devon and I love to go to a kids store (Lil Traders is a resale shop)and get a smoothie. Look how happy he is to get blended mangoes.
I got him these official Buzz Lightyear wings at the kids store before mama went over to Buffalo Exchange (a grown up resale shop). He was very serious about his role as a space ranger. Don't forget the boots!
"Look mom, I'm all tucked in with Sam!"
Hangin' out.
He took all the blankets off his bed, dragged them to the couch and declared that he was all tucked in his cave and he was ready to watch a show.
I love to see the love between these two. It's so sweet. Daddy lets Devon help him open oysters and we hang out and watch daddy eat them :) Oysters make me puke. Devon will eat them raw and cooked and says he likes them. Can't believe he is so brave to try such unusual food and actually like it.
Such a boy with his space sheets and Spiderman shirt. EVERY shirt must have a super hero on it or he won't wear it.
Swingin '
So brave to go down the tube slide by himself.
No hands!
Devon and Audrey are classic siblings. They fight, of course, but have these tender little moments that are so surprising and sweet. Then they throw hand fulls of sand at each other and the cycle continues :)

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