Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby's first big kid tub .... sort of

Devon officially got too big for his infant tub, but is not quite ready for the real thing. I got this inflatable duck tub that sits in the big kid tub so he can get used to being in there, but still have the soft sides in case he tips over. He was really panicked about it the first time and just stood in the water naked clinging to me ..... it was sad and cute at the same time so the tub sat in the living room for a few days until he got used to it. I have to distract him with washcloths and bottles of shampoo, but he is getting the hang of it.

Devon is continuing to zoom around the house with his Army crawl. Just this week he was able to go from sitting to hands and knees without face planting. Yeah Devon! He is THIS close to really crawling. He pulls himself up to standing and wants to do that all the time. His teething is just getting sad though. At first his teething whining was a little annoying, but after weeks and weeks of it it is sad to know that he is upset because he is in pain. I was used to this really calm, happy baby so to see him like that was tough for me. He still has his good moments throughout the day, but it is definately peppered with "terrible teething". He wants to be held a lot and is starting to reach out to the person he wants to hold him. He also will let you know he doesn't want something or doesn't like it by waving his arms up and down or having a tiny tantrum. It's sort of cute, but I'm sure there is room for discipline in there somewhere. In other exciting news, he sort of hugged me .... meaning I put his arms around my neck and he didn't let go. I just loved it.

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big red 26 said...

I can't believe how big he is getting...I'm missing everything!