Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Girls night out

I am not really a "girls night out" type of girl. I don't mean anything by that except to say that I am more of a homebody and quite frankly don't have tons of girlfriends to have girls night out with in the first place. However, last night I got invited out by Jaime.

Jaime has been one of my yoga students for many years. She introduced me to Heather who also became a student of mine, but I really met her when we played on one of my soccer teams when I was little. We get together once in a while, but Jaime comes to my yoga classes on a regular basis. She has four kids and Heather just had her 3rd.

Last night she calls me up to invite me out for a "mom's night out" to go shopping down by the university and then for dinner and drinks afterward. The last time I went out with her was when I told her I was pregnant .... so it has been a while. I met Jaime, Heather, Jaime's sister-in-law Brandi, and another one of my students Heidi. We went to a store called Pitaya and I got a GORGEOUS eggplant, floor length jersey dress. Perfect for summer, but easily dressed up.

By the time we finished there all the stores were closed so we went over to a place called Maynard's downtown. I wasn't in the mood for dessert so I got a Caesar salad. We talked over chocolate mousse and Merlot and had a great time. Our chats were interrupted by the occasional passenger train coming into the station right next to us, but in a weird way it added to the ambiance of being outside on a breezy, summer night.

We talked about our kids, baby names, movies, Michael Jackson, vacations and everything in between. I headed home around 11:00 which was just enough time to have a nice night out, but not so late that I was going to pay for it the next day. (Unfortunately Devon woke up before 6:00 so I am paying for it anyway). They usually get together on Tuesdays which is the perfect night since Joe is not at jujitsu so he can stay home with Devon.


Kate said...'re making friends. that is so awesome! i love love my girls night outs.

yo nance said...

I keep thinking a girls' night out would be fun, but it seems that over the years many of my girlfriends have moved away. I used to belong to a book club, and that was good, but they have it on a square dance night. So I guess a girls' night out is not in the cards for me because I can't give up any of my three nights of dancing a week. Wait a minute...I have a clogging night with my girlfriends. We just need to add dinner or dessert with it and it could be official. But speaking of "cards", that would be a fun girls' night out kind of thing. Now if I could just find some girlfriends.

Elizabeth Larson said...

I am a HUGE believer in Girls Night outs. I never did them until Kyler was almost a year old, and once I went out once, I was hooked. Anyhow, regarding your last post on your little guy and his tantrum, I remember walking through walmart with my husbands aunt (whose more like a cousin in age) and I heard this baby screaming. Kyler was about 6 months old at the time, and I said "oh, that poor baby" and my aunt said "I was thinking, that poor mom" and I never really understood the meaning of that until Kyler threw his first fit. Sometimes you can do everything right, and those kids are just going to throw a fit over nothing! Sounds like you are an awesome mom! And to answer your question from my blog- my sister's sis-in-law in Phoenix makes those diaper-wipey cases, but only once in a while and so my sis gave me one when I had Keaton and I just love mine and thought it would be fun to figure out how to make for gifts.

big red 26 said...

Love it! Watch out Mammas on the loose :) You owe me a girls night out when we are in town next.