Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tiny tantrum

It's amazing to me how you can be having a perfectly lovely day and then when it's almost over something happens that officially turns that entire day into a bad day.

I had a great breakfast with the baby and in the afternoon one of my girlfriends, Stephanie, came over for lunch. Devon went down for a nap when she got to my house so we were really able to get in some good girl talk for a couple of hours. She is a few months pregnant with her first baby so we had lots to talk about. It was fun to reminisce about my pregnancy and birth experience and talk about her plans as well. We hope to get together more often and I am enjoying spending time with my friends again, something I have been neglecting the past few months.

After she left and after lunch Devon and I went to the fabric store. I wanted to make a bigger blanket this time and I needed supplies for that as well as a few random things. I put Devon in one of those soft grocery art covers, but he was hating that. I lugged him out to the car and put him in one of the carriers I use (the Ergo) thinking that he wanted to be held close. I usually "wear" him whenever I am out so this is nothing new to him. I think he hated that even more and in that moment .... in the fabric store .... he had his first official public tantrum. Like screaming and real tears and flailing arms and red face. It was terrible. That has LITERALLY never happened before. In all of his 9 months of life this was his first freak out. When I was unable to soothe him he squirmed his little arms out of the carrier and started smacking my neck, scratching and pulling at me. I was thinking, "Who took my baby and replaced him with this demon all of a sudden?" It was so strange and out of character and just as soon as the screaming started it abruptly ended. So I continued shopping and he would scream .... I would head for the door and he would stop. Determined to get what I needed I would sort of let him cry it out since nothing I was doing was working and then I realized .... I had become "that" mom who didn't leave the store and just let her kid cry. I was chuckling at the spectacle we were, but I was at the cutting counter, was basically finished and leaving in 5 minutes anyway.

Finally out of the store and in the car he was back to his old self calmly playing with toys like nothing happened. I still had to go to the grocery store so I left him in his car seat and quickly got what I needed. He started to fuss a little and I SWEAR I saw this new mom, with her baby in a carrier, give me this smug look of satisfaction that her baby was quiet and content and mine was not. I knew that look .... I have given it many times when my baby was being good and some other baby was throwing a fit. I tell you what, I'll never give that look again.

He was a total crank right up until he went to sleep and I was exhausted. I started working on cutting out the fabric in hopes that would make me feel a little better, but even when I went to bed I felt like I had been at jury all day or something. Plain. Worn. Out. Joe could tell I had had a rough day and took a half day off work today to watch the baby so I could go shopping and run errands. He said last night that it's not fair that my only break is when Devon goes to sleep at night and wanted to make sure I got some solid, free time. I think I will hit up Buffalo Exchange, the fabric store again (I forgot a few things) and a few random errands that will be much easier without baby in tow. Yeah for helpful husbands!


Kate said...

holy smokes...my worst fear. yeah for Joe in seeing your needs without you asking for them.

big red 26 said...

Kids are funny, good for Joe to take over and let you have some free time can't wait to see your new creations.