Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Good: Graco Contempo High Chair - Deco

After the booster chair debacle, I stared researching high chairs. I read reviews online to figure out what I was looking for and set my price point. I figured that I would have to spend about $100 to get a high chair that would be functional, last through a couple of kids and not hurt my eyes every time I walked by it. I didn't want it to have toys or God forbid make any sounds. I have enough toys that do that as it is I don't need some squeaky voiced, eerily perky 40 year old woman singing "Opposites are lots of fun, in and out, off and on" while he's eating. I hear that enough in the car (and in my sleep).

I took my older sister, Jane, with me to Babies R Us and we looked around. I am one of those people who has to see something in person before I buy it. I hate it when I buy something online that says "soft blue" and it basically glows in the day it is so bright. Anyway, Jane has 4 girls so I figured she could help steer me in the right direction. I knew I didn't want a wooden one, no toys, not a compact and I wanted a tray I could take off and put on with one hand. If I can't use a product with one free hand and a baby in one arm I am not as likely to I get it. I finally landed on the Greco. I had a coupon that my Mom got in the mail for 20% off so I walked away with a high chair and only paid $80. Fancy.

My only complaint about it is probably my fault and not actually something wrong with the chair per say.
*WARNING: Baby poop mention alert*
Devon was eating in what I call his "baby outfit" (diaper only). The diaper couldn't contain the contents and some of it leaked out onto the seat. I gave Devon a bath, some PJs, a bottle and put him down for bed. I went back to clean up the chair (about 20 minutes later) with a damp paper towel to get rid of the mess and I went over it with a disinfectant wipe to kill the germs. The place where the mess was suddenly turned a pink-ish color and it won't come off.

Any suggestions? Like I said, it's not really a problem with the chair, but diapers leak and it seems a high chair should just be able to wipe clean without leaving a stain. Maybe the disinfectant wipe activated something, because it was gone when I wiped it with a wet paper towel. Whatever .... moving on!

I really like this chair. The material is super soft, it wipes down easily (except for the poo), it folds away and fits in my pantry if I don't want to have it out all the time, I didn't have to put it together (hallelujah!) and it has straps that keep baby secure (though he doesn't need these when I have the tray in place). It also has an adjustable back and a neck supporter option for smaller babies, but does not come with it included. The tray is great. It has the basic base tray, but it also has a top tray that is removable. This way you can feed baby, pop the top tray off to wash it, but the base tray is still clean and keeps baby in place. Honestly, it is also great if I use the top tray for breakfast, but forget to wash it before lunch comes around I can use the base which is still clean. It can go in the dishwasher and cleans easily. It does have the option of attaching toys to the tray if you want to do that to keep baby entertained. I have quite a few friends who have this chair and I would recommend it also.

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That is so interesting! Try a baby wipe? BTW - the lasagna looks FANTASTIC. I'm coming to your house for dinner!