Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sew .... a needle pulling thread

I have thoroughly enjoyed sewing these past few weeks and this is what I've been working on.

I finished this blanket about a month ago, but never posted on it because I never got a picture of it that I liked. I envisioned wrapping Devon in it and he drifts off to sleep. Too bad it is SO warm it makes him sweat like no other so it's not even usable right now, but here is a picture of it anyway.

This is the best picture I could get of Devon and the blanket. Once he sees the camera he charges at me so it's hard to get a still picture of him ever.

Since I am stocked on blankets I decided to freshen up the pillows in the upstairs living room. Joe and I don't spend much (read that as any) money on stuff for decorating the house so we have had these sad little pillows for nearly 4 years.



The pillows in the before picture cost me $20 each at Cost Plus. For the 10 new pillows and table cover (plus the stuffing and left over fabric) I spent $85. The new pillows are chenille and velvet so I know if I bought them in a store they would be AT LEAST $25 each maybe more.


Kate said...

so many pillows nowhere to sit...they look awesome!!!!! way to go! and that blanket is so cute

Kim said...

Good job Annie!

yo nance said...

Great "before" and "after" pics. And I loved the patch-work blanket...cute choices of fabrics. And way cute baby, I might add. You've got to be feeling really good about your sewing accomplishments.

I loved the title of this entry, by the way. Clever, clever.

big red 26 said...

I love the after photo it looks so much better way to go.