Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Green with envy: Disposable 1 Reusable 0

I was so excited to get Devon into the cloth diapers. He wore them all day and then I changed him right before bed and he had the WORST diaper rash I have ever seen on him. He had it for a few days when he was born, but yesterday he was very red up front and had all these little red bumps. He didn't seem phased by it, but it had to be uncomfortable. I gave him a bath and plopped him back into a disposable with some diaper cream and lavender baby powder. It has mostly cleared up, but not all the way.

I have decided that I am not going to put him back into the cloth diapers until the rash totally goes away. The woman from the diaper company said it could be a yeast infection that was aggravated by the switch to fabric or it could be a reaction to new detergent. She recommended The Magic Stick ( $13) for all rashes and even on cuts (one stick per kid). It rolls on like a deodorant so you don't have to get it on your hands. She said it is the best all around diaper ointment (great as a barrier to prevent rashes if your baby is prone to them) and safe for cloth diapers. She also mentioned something called Aquaphor that you might be able to find locally. Since the fabric is a high performance fabric they don't need to be washed more than once prior to their first use to remove any oils like other diapers before they are totally absorbent. I hope I figure this out.

I know this slew of posts on cloth diapers is lame and sort of boring for most of you, but I thought if someone out there was considering getting them some of this would be helpful. It is not the easy transition I thought it would be. Learning about new products like the Magic stick as well as trouble shooting with any problems with cloth diapers can be helpful to you or people you know down the road. I ordered my washable wipes today, but I am having a hard time finding a wet bag that I like. I want one that will hold diapers until I wash them (a few days worth) and while I would like a custom made one ( thanks Katy), but that can take 3-4 weeks and I don't really want to wait. I found one on, but I need to call them tomorrow to see if they have the XL in stock. Any suggestions?

In unrelated, non-diaper-ness, Devon has started doing this lately ....

It's like he's saying," Here. Want some? It's really good. Try it." He tried to share his Cheerios with Jasmine (the cat) the other day. She shot him down, but at least he tried ;)


Kate said...

that is so crappy about the wet bag, when i got mine there wasn't anything custom about them. you just ordered the size and color. guess the orders have died down a bit. hang in there, it will all work out.
the photo is hilarious by the way

big red 26 said...

Well I may not need this information now...maybe in 5-7 years thanks for the heads up :)

Jared said...

aquaphor is great, but a little expensive. what i used for sylvia who had the most sensitive 'butt' skin was simply a combination of petroleum jelly and hydrocortisone cream was such a miracle, i thought about marketing it!!! i also had to put her in a disposable at night and cloth in the day. she just couldn't take the wet all night. good luck! you can call me anytime:)