Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The perfect purse kit

Let me just start off by saying this .... I am an organization person. I am also that person who has an emergency roadside kit in her trunk and have seriously been eyeing the 3 day survival kit at Costco just in case my car breaks down and I need bags of water and MRE's to eat for the next 3 days so I don't die. I keep a pair of socks in the storage pannel in my driver's side door just in case I forget to bring my own when I go bowling. Believe it or not that actually happened. I feel like I may be sharing too much here .... whatever.

Everything does have a place and when I can't find something when I need it I find that situation maddening. When have you needed something from your purse, but you can't find it even though you KNOW it's in there? I have tried to fix this problem by putting things in the same place every time they go in my purse. I have also put things into little pouches so they don't go all over the place in the event that my purse tips over. I love making these little kits. I'm a dork .... that goes without saying, but I am an organized dork so I'm OK with that.

Case in point.

I was shopping with my friend, Emily, last week and the zipper on her skirt was stuck. This made trying on clothes a challenge since she couldn't get the skirt off. When she tried to unstick the zipper it broke entirely. She asked me if I had a safety pin and I was filled with pride in the moment that I went to my purse, dug around and actually found one in my first aid kit. That got me thinking .... if I was going to make the perfect purse kit what would it contain?

I have the standard stuff that I carry all the time. You may laugh at some of my "standards", but what can I say .... I'm fancy and my standards are pretty high ;)

1 tube of lipstick, 3 tubes of lip gloss, 4 lip liners, chap stick (that is all in my make up kit) mineral misting spray, fruit leather (I think I have like 8 of them right now), 2 pair of sunglasses, a book, a pen size hand sanitizer spray, a mini version of the same hair spray that I use at home, a little booklet to hold coupons, receipts, and an emergency $10 (just in case I spend my emergency $20 in my other pouch), wallet, a first aid kit and my diaper kit. My diaper kit has diapers, wipes, sanitizing wipes, toys, formula, Cheerios, and Devon's vaccine record. No wonder my purse is huge! It's not THAT huge (TWSS), but I am one of those people who likes to be overly prepared.

If you are going to make a Perfect Purse Kit here are the rules:

The pouch itself has to be small enough that it can fit in any bag you own. (The one I used is 2 x 4 inches, has a soft leopard print and is the "mini" bag that fits inside a larger one that I use for diapers, wipes, and snacks.) It is stuff you don't really need all the time, but would save the day if you had it on hand.

I FINALLY had the perfect use for all those free gift bags from Lancome I've been accumulating over the years. Here is what I came up with so far:

1) 1 tampon to get me through an outing until I can get home and stock up. I don't like to carry tons of them in my purse unless I need them. Why carry something for 3 weeks out of the month that I will only need for one?

2) 2 bobby pins in case I need to put the front of my hair up or if I need to pick a lock or something.

3) 1 ponytail holder. Just because it's Tucson and it's hot.

4) Nail clippers and a small nail file.

5) A mini-lighter.

6) A mini-roll of tape. It is the same size as two stamps.

7) 2 stamps.

8)A mini-post-it-note pad and space pen. Yes, it has to be a space pen if you need to write while underwater or upside down.

9) A safety pin, plus an extra one in the first aid kit.

10) A mini tube of lotion. They have really great mini lotions at L'Occitane (said like "lox is tan", but take out the "s" in is). My favorite is lavender.

11) A Leatherman tool. It has scissors, a knife, tweezers, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener all tucked away inside.

12) A sewing kit. Who really needs this, but I guess it's good to have.

13) Emergency $20. If you forget your wallet and need to buy gas or if you have to "cab it" home.

I think this is a pretty good list, but I am happy to have your suggestions. Remember, the pouch is very small and only holds so much crap! I also carry a mini first aid kit that has all the standard stuff like band aids, neosporin, Tylenol, cough drops, but it also has a forehead thermometer and motion sickness tabs. Plus an extra safety pin .... for safety.

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